The Kentucky Board of Medical Examiners

Coroner Training

All Kentucky coroners, and Deputy Coroners are required to take an 18 hour continuing education course offered by DOCJT and chosen from several courses of different subjects. Each coroner/deputy coroner is required to complete and successfully pass a final examination at the end of the 18 hour course.

The listing of training courses and seminars has been expanded! This page offers information on training from three areas- (1) DOCJT Training, (2) Non-DOCJT Training, and (3) On-Line Training. Be aware that some of these courses may require registration fees and as of yet only the DOCJT training courses receive credit toward our KY mandatory training requirements!

DOCJT Training Schedule

Be aware that these courses are not available to the general public or investigators from jurisdictions outside the state of Kentucky. Attendance is restricted to those persons and agencies currently registered with the Department of Criminal Justice Training Branch of the Kentucky Justice Cabinet.


2016 Training Opportunities

DOCJT-Provided Courses

Course Dates      Course #      Course Title
02/08-02/12        001C-15J             Coroner's Basic Death Investigator Course- Frankfort

04/27-04/29        067C-16J             2016 Coroner's Conference- Louisville

05/24-05/25        087C-16J             Motor Vehicle Death Investigation- Somerset

06/14-06/15        093C-14JR           Photography/Blood Spatter- Richmond
DATE CHANGE: This class has been moved to 06/28-06/29 due to a scheduuling conflict!

06/21-06/22        053C-15J             Crime Scene Investigation for Coroners- Bowling Green
POSTPONED- Due to be rescheduled

07/19-07/20        095C-15J             Media Relations for Coroners- Morehead

08/23-08/24        096C-16J             Social Media- Richmond

08/09-08/10        089C-15J             Dealing With Crisis for Coroners- Frankfort

09/07-09/08        072C-14JR           Homicide Investigation for Coroners- Louisville

09/13-09/14        010C-16J             Fire Death Investigation- Lake Barkley

09/20-09/21        084C-16J             Elder Abuse Death Investigation- Coroners-  Louisville

09/27-09/28        087C-16J             Motor Vehicle Death Investigation- Morehead

10/27-10/28        017C-16J             Coroners Basic Firearms- Richmond

11/29-11/30        053C-15J             Crime Scene Investigation for Coroners- Louisville



2015 Training Opportunities

DOCJT-Provided Courses

 Course Dates      Course #      Course Title

02/02-02/06         001C-15J      Coroners Basic Medicolegal Death Investigators Training- Frankfort

02/23-02/27         001C-15J      Coroners Basic Medicolegal Death Investigators Training- Frankfort  CANCELED

03/17-03/18         093C-14JR    Photography/Blood Spatter for Coroners- Richmond

04/28-04/30         067C-15J      Coroners Conference- Louisville

05/26-05/27         018C-15J      Office Administration for Coroners- Frankfort

06/08-06/12         001C-15J      Coroners Basic Medicolegal Death Investigators Training- Frankfort

08/04-08/05         094C-15J      Forensic Anthropology and Pathology for Coroners- Morehead

08/18-08/19         074C-14JR    Mass Fataility and Incident Response- Frankfort

09/09-09/10         072C-14JR    Homicide Investigations for Coroners- Louisville

09/15-09/16         083C-15J      Incident Response to Terrorist Bombings-Morehead

10/06-10/07         095C-15J      Media Relations for Coroners- Bowling Green

11/03-11/04         054C-15J      Child Death Investigations for Coroners- Lake Barkley
                               DATE CHANGE!!! This class has been rescheduled to 11/04-11/05!! Remember, same week but one day later than originally scheduled.

11/10-11/11         053C-15J      Crime Scene Investigations for Coroners- Louisville

11/18-11/19         037C-13JR    Case Interviews- Coroners- Louisville

12/01-12/02         089C-15J      Dealing With Crisis- Coroners- Louisville 

2015 2 hour Mandatory Training Requirement
        DOCJT has put together new training material for 2015. It consists of articles related to Ebola for coroners as well as reading material on other infectious diseases including HIV. You will find this material in the Forensic Library section of this website titled "2015 Mandatory Training Requirements". Remember to submit Form 101 to DOCJT to receive credit.

Non-DOCJT Training Courses

40 Hour Medicolegal Death Investigator Course
Saint Louis University School of Medicine

January 5-9, 2015
April 20-24, 2015
October 26-30, 2015

Several Kentucky Coroners and Deputy Coroners have traveled to Saint Louis for this course!

Offered three times each year, this five day program teaches individuals how to conduct scientific, systematic and thorough death scene and telephone investigations for Medical Examiner and Coroner offices. This training is equally valuable to police officers, physicians, nurses, emergency medical personnel, attorneys, forensic scientists and others who are involved with the investigation of violent, suspicious or unexpected deaths that fall under the jurisdiction of medicolegal authorities.

Lectures will be presented by forensic specialists on all major categories of deaths that occur in medicolegal jurisdictions with particular emphasis placed on the investigator's role in the death investigation.The course is designed to teach the 29 national guidelines as set forth in the National Institutes of Justice 1999 publication, Death Investigation:  A Guide for the Scene Investigator.  

At the conclusion of the course, students will be assessed as to knowledge gained.  This course emphasizes the medical aspects of death investigation and is not designed to be a homicide seminar.
Completion of this course qualifies the attendee to participate in the Master's Courses, a series of advanced death investigation conferences. 

For additional information regarding the Medicolegal Death Investigator Training Course, please contact or 314-977-7323.


The course qualifies for 2 hours of undergraduate or graduate credit through Saint Louis University. Individuals desiring college credit must register and pay the Basic Course fee through this website and also register separately with the University and pay additional tuition fees. Interested individuals must register for college credit during the first day of the course and payment for the University credit hours will be invoiced separately by the University Registrar.

For additional information on College Credit contact Barb Weekley at

NTSB Training Available!!
March 24-26, 2015

The National Transportation Safety Board is offering a three-day course titled ”Transportation Disaster Response – Family Assistance.”  This course will provide a comprehensive understanding of how organizations involved in a transportation accident response can most effectively support family assistance efforts.  Participants will learn how their organization fits into the broader family assistance framework and how to improve interagency communication and coordination; strategies for communicating effectively with grieving family members; and techniques for conducting family briefings.  Following the course, participants will be able to brief others in their organization about the transportation disaster response process and the role of the NTSB.  The course is designed specifically for commercial transportation industry officials, representatives of federal, state, and local agencies that have a role in transportation disaster response, and representatives of non-governmental and/or private agencies that have a legitimate and recognized transportation disaster response role.  The training will be offered on March 24-26, 2015, at the NTSB Training Center in Ashburn, Virginia, (near Washington, D.C.). Those interested in learning more should see the complete description of the training, registration information, and cost to attend at:  This course has been approved for a maximum of 18.25 continuing education credits with the American Board of Medicolegal Death Investigators (ABMDI).   

Information about the NTSB Training Center is available at:

2015 Online Courses

The University of North Dakota is offering a BASIC death investigation training course, FREE OF CHARGE, until September, 2016.  This is entirely ON-LINE and may be taken in modular fashion.  Three modules are currently available for ABMDI credit, CME credit and a variety of POST, EMS credits.

The current modules are:

1)      Basics of Death Investigation:  Reviews the basics “29 Principles” of Death Investigation.  This is particularly targeted for rural and part-time investigators, although presents a fundamental review of the basics.
2)      Cultural Competency in Death Investigation and First Responders
3)      Mental Health First Aid for Death Investigators and First Responders

Soon to be added:

1)      “Medical School 101” for the Death Investigator:  Guide to basic terminology, disease and pathophysiology causing common natural deaths
2)      Advanced Topics in Death Investigation, including Child death investigation
3)      Forensic Pathology Basics for the Death Investigator.

These are all free until September, 2016 and offer CE credits.  All are on-line and modular in format, allowing education at your own pace, any time.

More information and registration at:



2014 Courses

Course Dates       Course #       Course Title

02/10-02/14       001C-12J      Coroners Basic Medicolegal Death Investigator Training - Frankfort

04/15-04/16       093C-14J      Photography/Blood Spatter - Richmond

04/23-04/25       067C-14J      Kentucky Coroners Conference - Louisville

06/24-06/25       089C-12J      Dealing with Crisis for Coroners - Owensboro  "CANCELLED"

07/08-07/09       089C-12J      Dealing with Crisis for Coroners - Louisville

07/29-07/30       053C-12J      Coroners Crime Scene Investigation - Frankfort

08/05-08/06       075C-14J      Pediatric Forensic Issues for Coroners - Morehead

08/26-08/27       018C-12J      Coroner's Office Administration - Frankfort

09/03-09/04       072C-14J      Coroners Homicide Investigation - Louisville

10/28-10/29       079C-14J      Integrating Scene Investigation w/ Autopsy Findings - Lake Barkley

11/04-11/05       018C-12J      Coroner's Office Administration - Louisville

12/02-12/03       074C-14J      Mass Fatality and Incident Response - Louisville




2013 Courses

Coroners Basic Medicolegal Death Investigator Training Course
Course #    001C-12J
       February 11-15, 2013       Frankfort

Coroner's Conference
Course #    067C-13J
       April 17-19, 2013             Lousville

Dealing with Crisis for Coroners
Course #    089C-12J
       May 28-29, 2013             Bowling Green
       October 1-2, 2013           Owensboro
       October 14-15, 2013        Louisville
       November 19-20, 2013     Louisville

Crime Scene Investigation for Coroners
Course #    053C-12J
       August 06-07, 2013          Morehead (Rescheduled to 10/22-10/23)
       September 24-25, 2013     Lake Barkley

Mass Fatality and Incident Response
Course #     074C-11J
       August 20-21, 2013            Frankfort

Case Interview for Coroners
Course #     037C-13J
      September 4-5, 2013         Louisville

Patterns in Injuries and Evidence for the
Death Investigator
Course #    092C-12J
       November 5-6, 2013       Louisville


2012 Courses

Coroners Basic Medicolegal Death Investigator Training Course
Course # 001C-12J
       February 20-24, 2012      Frankfort

Coroner's Conference
Course # 067C-12J
       April 18-20, 2012           Louisville

Motor Vehicle Death Investigations
Course # 087C-11J
       May 30-31, 2012            Bowling Green

Mass Fatality Response        
Course # 074C-11J
       June 5-6, 2012               Frankfort

Dealing with Crisis for Coroners
Course # 089C-12J
       July 10-11, 2012            Louisville
       August 14-15, 2012       Morehead
       September 25-26, 2012  Lake Barkley

Coroner's Office Administration
Course # 018C-12J
       July 24-25, 2012           Louisville

Coroners Basic Firearms
Course # 017C-12J         
       August 30-31, 2012      Richmond

Coroner Homicide Investigation
Course # 072C-10J
September 4-5, 2012           Louisville

Forensic Pathology
Course # 091C-12J
September 11-12, 2012       Louisville

Coroner's Crime Scene Investigation
Course # 053C-12J
       October 16-17, 2012      Owensboro
       November 27-28, 2012   Louisville

Incident Response to Terrorist Bombings
Course # 083C-11J
       October 23-24, 2012      General Butler SRP

Child Death Investigations
Course # 054C-12J
       October 30-31, 2012      General Butler SRP

Mandatory Training
Course # 077C-12J

Mandatory Training-Pediatric Abusive Head Trauma
Course # 090C-11J

2011 Courses

Coroners Basic Medicolegal Death Investigator Training Course
January 17-21, 2011       Frankfort
       March   21-25, 2011        Louisville

44th Annual Coroners Conference       
       April 20-22, 2011            Louisville

Child Abuse Investigations
       May 10-11, 2011             Louisville

Forensic Anthropology         
       May 17-18, 2011             Louisville

Motor Vehicle Death Investigations
August 2-3, 2011             Morehead

Coroners Office Administration
August 23-24, 2011         Frankfort

Coroner Homicide Investigations
       September 7-8, 2011       Louisville

Sudden Natural Death Investigations
September 19-20, 2011   Louisville

Drug Death Investigations
September 27-28, 2011   Lake Barkley

Coroner Firearms I
       October 13-14, 2011       Richmond

Mass Fatality Response
November 1-2, 2011       Owensboro

Incident Response to Terrorist Bombings
       December 6-7, 2011        Louisville

Non-DOCJT courses (Not Yet Approved for Mandatory Training Credit)

2012 Training Opportunities

40 Hour Medicolegal Death Investigator Course
Saint Louis University School of Medicine

This basic course is designed for death investigators, law enforcement officers, coroners, and physicians (excluding forensic pathologists). Offered three times each year, this five (5) day program teaches individuals how to conduct scientific, systematic, and thorough death scene investigations for Medical Examiner and Coroner's Offices. This course emphasizes the medical aspects of death investigation and is not designed to be a homicide seminar.

January 09-13, 2012
March 12-16, 2012
August 06-10, 2012

2011 Training Opportunities

2011 Spring Continuing Education
for Forensic Professionals Program
Ritz-Carlton Hotel
New Orleans, Louisiana
(Sponsored by the National Institute of Justice and the West Virginia Iniversity Forensic Science Initiative)
March 28-April 2, 2011
THis is a week of training with 33 different courses that range from 1/2 day to 5 days duration. All courses are free to forensic/law enforcement personnel and will be filled on a first-come, first-served basis. Lodging will be provided free. Also, the first 100 people who register will also receive free transportation, either flight charges or pre-approved mileage reimbursement.
Registration is ONLINE ONLY!
For more information go HERE


40 Hour Medicolegal Death Investigator Course
Saint Louis University School of Medicine

This basic course is designed for death investigators, law enforcement officers, coroners, and physicians (excluding forensic pathologists). Offered three times each year, this five (5) day program teaches individuals how to conduct scientific, systematic, and thorough death scene investigations for Medical Examiner and Coroner's Offices. This course emphasizes the medical aspects of death investigation and is not designed to be a homicide seminar.

March    14-18, 2011
August  15-19, 2011

Completion of this course qualifies the student for the Master's Courses, a series of advanced death investigation courses offered every other year.      
St. Louis University School of Medicine Forensic Pathology, St. Louis, MO
Registration:  $ 825
Contact Julie or Vickey (314) 977-5970 or
This course is approved by the following agencies for CE credit:
       Pennsylvania Coroners Education Board
       Missouri Bar Association
       Missouri P.O.S.T. (Peace Officers Standards and Training)
       Missouri Coroners and Medical Examiners Association
       Missouri Bureau of Emergency Medicine
       Indiana Law Enforcement Board
       Illinois Local Government and Law Enforcement Agency
       Georgia Coroner's Training Council
       American Nurses Association
       American Medical Association
       American College of Emergency Physicians
       American Board of Medicolegal Death Investigators
       American Academy of Family Physicians
       Academy of Professional Funeral Practice

Masters 14 Conference

The Department of Pathology, Saint Louis University School of Medicine presents their 14th Masters Conference this July 25-28, 2011. This Conference is designed to provide the veteran, trained medicolegal death investigator with the latest advancements in the forensic sciences. Attendees are expected to be knowledgeable of basic death investigation techniques. The 2011 Masters Conference topics have been chosen with the practical educational needs of the medicolegal death investigator in mind. A nationally recognized faculty will present subject matter that will be useful to the attendees. The Masters Conference is conducted every two years during the late summer to provide a colloquium on a regular basis for those who wish to keep current on issues in the field of death investigation. The topics change in each Masters Conference to reflect new information developing at that time. This specific program will not be repeated again at any future Masters Conference.

Conference Location:
Saint Louis University School of Medicine
Learning Resource Center
3545 Vista, St. Louis, MO. 63104

This years topics include:
Management of High Profile Fatality Cases                   Stephen Cina, M.D
Lessons Learned in Mass Fatality Management              Frank DePaolo, RPA-C
Crime Scene Methodology on the Battlefield                 Robert Gaffney, MFS
OSHA Death Investigations: Occupational Fatalities       Cindy Zastrow, MS
Lessons Learned on Shaken Baby Cases in the UK         Det. Chief Inspector Philip Wheeler
Controversies on Abusive Head Trauma                       Robert Block, M.D.
Investigation and Prosecution of Serious Physical
Abuse and Child Homicide Cases                                 Brian Holmgren, D.A.
Making the Law Keep It's Promise                               Lt. Mark Wynn
The Medicolegal Investigation of Recreational
Diving Deaths                                                         James Caruso, M.D.
Miami Death Scene Investigation                               Emma Lew, M.D.
The Medical Examiner and Coroner Work Stress
and Health Study, Findings and Implications                 Elizabeth Brondolo, PhD.
Murder by Poisons                                                   John Trestrail, III, RPh.
Heroin: A New Look at AN Old Drug of Abuse                James Filkins, M.D., J.D., PhD
Testifying In Court; What to Expect in Light
of the NAS Report                                                   Angali Swienton, J.D.
Determining the Manner of Death in Equivocal Death
Investigations; Homicide, Suicide, Accident, or Natural   Vernon Geberth, MS, MPA

Registration: $775 Prior to 06/24/2011, $825 afterwards. Pre-Registration is strongly advised as conference size is limited.
Basic Registration fee includes admission to conference sessions (four days), course materials, a Welcoming Reception and Course Dinner, Complimentaty bus transportation is provided between the conference and Hyatt Regency St. Louis Riverfront hotel daily. Pre-registration is required for the daily catered lunches.
Conference Registrar:
Vickey Goelzhauser (314)977-5970

On-Line Training (Not Yet Approved for Mandatory Training Credit)

(SUIDI) Sudden, Unexplained Infant Deaths Investigation: Death Scene Re-creation
NAME (the National Association of Medical Examiners), in association with RTI International, has produced a Web-based training course for coroners and other medicolegal death scene investigators.

This SUIDI module will be a live web-based course scheduled for 2 PM (EDT) on May 10th, 2011 and will be repeated on June 14th also at 2 PM (EDT). It will be presented by subject matter expert Kathleen Diebold-Hargrave. This course will review the goals of the death scene investigator, including how to conduct a thorough death scene re-creation and how to explain the re-enactment process to the family member/caregiver. This couse is being offered free-of-charge and will take app. 90 minutes. Documentation of attendance will be provided. Sign up for this and the following courses at

(SUIDI) Sudden, Unexplained Infant Deaths Investigation: Infant Growth and Development
This module is scheduled for May 3, 2011 at 2 PM

(SUIDI) Sudden, Unexplained Infant Deaths Investigation: Infant Growth and Development
This mudule is scheduled for April 14, 2011 at 2 PM

Forensic DNA Training

The President's DNA Initiative at offers free, self-pace online courses designed to help coroners with identification, preservation, and collection of DNA evidence. You will have to register online. Look for courses for law enforcement officers.

University of Florida
Online Certificate Program in Forensic Death Investigation
The online graduate certificate in Forensic Death Investigation is provided by the College of Pharmacy by offering courses in collaboration with UF's College of Liberal Arts and Sciences Department of Anthropology and the University of Edinburgh College of Medicine. It focuses on the investigation of crime and death using forensic pathology, anthropology, and DNA analysis.
Upon completion of the 15-credit certificate program students will receive a University of Florida Certificate in Forensic Death Investigation.
Fore more information go to


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